The Asia-Pacific Journal of International Humanitarian Law (APJIHL) is a publication of the Institute of International Legal Studies-University of the Philippines Law Center (UP-IILS) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).The Journal seeks to produce peer-reviewed scholarly articles, book reviews, and commentary on significant developments and current issues in international humanitarian law and related fields. It has a special focus on the Asia-Pacific region, and is published once a year.   The First Edition includes articles focusing on the following issues:
  • the complex and diverse IHL landscape in the region;
  • the intersection of IHL and applicable legal frameworks on¬†autonomous military systems and civilian aviation;
  • the intersection of IHL and use of force in "grey zone conflicts";
  • IHL and criminal law doctrine of command responsibility;
  • the compatibility of national gunshot wound reporting regimes and fundamental IHL rules protecting healthcare and access to healthcare;
  • IHL and the implementation of international and domestic criminal justice;
  • panel discussion in the margins of the IHL Moot Court Competition in Malaysia in 2019;
  • international criminal law narratives on ex-child soldiers; and
  • the possibility of establishing ICC jurisdiction over international crimes committed in Syria.
UPDATE: An updated version of the journal was published on November 3, 2020 (see PDF file)

Published: 2020-10-21