Allelu de Jesus and Jeffrey-Michael Sison, Legal Advisers International Committee of the Red Cross

Dr Helen Durham has been the director of international law and policy at the International Committee of the Red Cross (“ICRC”) since 2014. Previously, she was head of office for the ICRC in Sydney, legal adviser for the ICRC Regional Delegation in the Pacific and director of international law and strategy, among other roles, for the Australian Red Cross. Along with missions in the field for the ICRC in the Philippines, Aceh, Myanmar and many Pacific nations, she has had more than two decades of experience working in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Dr Durham was also director of research for the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at the Melbourne Law School, and she has a PhD in the fields of international criminal law and international humanitarian law (“IHL”). Her term as an ICRC Director is ending in June 2022, and she sat down with ICRC Legal Advisers Allelu de Jesus and Jeffrey Sison to discuss her reflections from her eight years in that position and the road ahead, particularly for IHL and the Asia Pacific region.

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