Jan has had various assignments as ICRC legal adviser since 2010, namely in Ethiopia, East Asia, Ukraine and at the Headquarters in Geneva and as an ICRC delegate (2001-2010) in countries like Iraq, Georgia, Colombia, Zambia, Russia and Afghanistan.

Before joining the ICRC, Jan was trained and worked as a lawyer in his native Germany (1997-2001). He studied law at Ruprecht Karls Universität (Heidelberg) and Université de Genève (1991-1997) and received his doctoral law degree from Europa Universität Viadriana (Frankfurt Oder) in 2009. From 2018 to 2020, he was one of the two Managing Editors of the Asia-Pacific Journal of IHL. He published, among others, the book ‘Killing in a Gray Area between Humanitarian Law and Human Rights’ in 2010 (Springer, Heidelberg).

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