He was awarded a Ph.D. by the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; completed a German Humboldt Fellowship at Frankfurt University, Germany; and received an LLM from China University of Politics and Law and an LLB from Zhengzhou University, China. His recent research focuses on migration laws and policies. He is the Migration Research and Publishing High-Level Adviser and the member of Migration Research Leaders Syndicate for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), UN Migration.

He is the author of many academic monographs, papers, and research reports including The Right to Leave and Return and Chinese Migration Law (Brill Nijhoff) and Chinese Immigration Law (Ashgate), Chinese Policy on Readmission (Repatriation) of Illegal Migrants (International Organization of Migration) and Chinese Refugee Law (Brill Nijhoff). He hosted over thirty academic research projects regarding immigration law and policy from the Chinese governmental authorities and international organizations including the IOM, UNHCR, ILO, UNACT and EU.

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