Regional Legal Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross

Ms. Sahar Haroon joined the ICRC in 2017 and is currently the Regional Legal Adviser for Southeast Asia and Japan based in Jakarta. Previously, she was a Legal Adviser with the ICRC’s Delegation in Islamabad. Sahar has also worked as a Legal Adviser at the headquarters in Geneva covering the Near and Middle East.

Prior to 2017, Sahar received her formal education from Pakistan and worked with the Research Society of International Law, a think tank in Pakistan while simultaneously consulting for the ICRC since 2016.

Since August 2020, she served as one of the two Managing Editors for the Asia-Pacific Journal of IHL and has written on pertinent issues of IHL, including on cyber warfare and protection of healthcare and the medical mission. She currently serves as a member of APJIHL’s Board of Experts.

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