by Mah-Nashit Uzma

The author, in this article has discussed the demographic invasion of Indian Occupied Kashmir which has been underway since 1947 with a focus on post-2019 legislative and policy measures taken by Indian State. When understood in comparison with other cases of forced demographic changes worldwide, it indicates an accelerated pace towards the erosion of political, cultural, linguistic and social distinctiveness of the native population. The article reflects on how India’s unilateral abrogation of special status of the region within the Indian polity and post-abrogation settler-colonial strategies are aimed at frustrating the outcome of a prospective self determination exercise covered under UN Security Council resolutions on the Kashmir issue. The unchecked sovereignty assumed by India over the region of Jammu and Kashmir has been hollowing out the foundations of this international dispute at a pace faster than ever, to the end that one day it may collapse on its own.

Keywords: Settler-Colonialism, Kashmir dispute, United Nations, Demographic changes, India, Pakistan,Occupied territories, International law

Note: The final abstract may be subject to change upon the publication of the full article.

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