IHL and Cyber Operations during Armed Conflicts

Oct 2021


  1. Professor Sheng Hongsheng, Professor of Law at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law in China,
  2. ...

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Nuclear Weapons and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: an Asia-Pacific Perspective

Nov 2021


  1. Her Highness, Tan Sri Tunku Putri Intan Safinaz Binti Almarhum Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, Tunku Temenggong Kedah...

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Justice for Syrians under the International Criminal Court: Applying the Myanmar Model of Territorial Jurisdiction for Cross-border Crimes

May 2021

By Natasha Chabbra

The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, since its inception, has been firmly rooted in the principle of voluntary participation through ratification of the Rome Statute. In 2018, the Pre-Trial Chamber of the International...

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Radio silence: autonomous military aircraft and the importance of communication

Dec 2020

By Dr. Eve Massingham

Communication is central to military operations but very susceptible to disruption and interception. Autonomous military aircraft may reduce this vulnerability and allow the military to operate more effectively in communications denied environments. However,...

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